DO NOT MISS OUT the Upcoming Taipei AMPA held on 20th-23rd April

by chief

What an exciting auto parts event this month! Welcome to 2022 Taipei AMPA!


Despite the COVID-19 bringing a very hard time in the industry worldwide. As we believe everything will come up roses as long as we never give up on what we do.


This year, we are not going to booth in APMA due to some elements. However, we cannot wait to visit and meet the cool partners with potential business opportunities on the first day in the exhibition.


Full agenda already? No worry! They also provide the virtual booths, on-line chats and meets…

It is definitely worth a visit. There are more to explore. See you guys at expo!


Last but not the least, please bear that in mind
  • the importance of social distance
  • wear a mask during the show
  • check your temperature
  • catch your cough or sneeze
  • avoid touching eyes, mouth and face
  • wash your hands

Hope you have a successful day in exhibit! 🙂

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