International scrap steel prices remained steady and rising, and Fengxing’s scrap and steel prices were flat this week

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International scrap steel prices remained stable and rose. Rebar giant Fengxing (2015) today set prices for this week. Domestic steel bars, scrap steel and section steel products were flat. Recently, international scrap steel prices have stabilized and rose slightly, and the decline in iron ore has gradually converged. However, the demand for domestic factories to set up and build factories continues to be hot, and the purchase of steel bars is expected to gradually recover. Fengxing has launched various steel products this week. The price remained flat. The price of scrap steel was 13,000 yuan per metric ton, the price of steel bar was 23,300 yuan per metric ton, and the price of section steel was 28,600 yuan. The spread between steel bar and scrap steel was about 10,300 yuan.

In the international raw material market, there was no quotation for US large ship scrap this week, Japanese 2H scrap rose to US$478 per ton this week, US container scrap was unchanged at US$435 per ton this week, and Australian iron ore fell from US$136.15 per ton to 134.65 per ton Dollar.

The legal person pointed out that due to China’s implementation of the carbon neutrality policy, the carbon peak will be reached in 2030. Previously, the market associated with China’s blast furnace converter increased scrap steel or increased electric furnace production, which pushed up the import demand for scrap steel. However, due to the epidemic situation, China’s steel supply and demand were weak. In the first three months, 21,000 tons were imported. With the gradual unblocking of the epidemic in China, the international scrap steel prices gradually stabilized and rose, which is expected to drive the previous market to wait and see and buy in, and Fengxing’s previous low-priced orders have gradually disappeared. The current shipping profit is better than the previous one, and the price of steel bars, rods and wire products is stable, which will help the profit performance in the second quarter.

Financial News Express/Reporter Zhang Jiawei

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